The CATALYST project “European VET Excellence Centre for Leading Sustainable Systems and Business Transformation” is designed with a strong vision and motivation to contribute to the realisation of the European Green Deal and the new Industrial and SME Strategies.

The CATALYST Handbook elaborates the content of the CATALYST Program. To support professionals and organisations in their green transformation journey, the CATALYST program proposes a set of potential solutions. These include fostering a new narrative within organizations, promoting education for sustainable development, encouraging collaboration, investing in training, adopting green energy sources, effectively managing intellectual capital, enhancing dialogue between academia and business, raising public awareness about sustainable practices, and implementing digital transformation strategies.

At the core of the CATALYST project lies the CATALYST VET Program, titled “Leading Sustainable, Systems, and Business Transformation.” This program comprises a total of 70 courses, EQF levels 4 to 8. The courses are meticulously designed based on the results of the comprehensive analysis, ensuring that they directly address the identified challenges and provide tangible solutions for professionals and organizations undertaking the green transition.

Read the full report here: CATALYST Handbook

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