In the frame of the CATALYST project, 5 Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) are established in 5 European countries: North Macedonia, Germany, Austria, Portugal and Greece. The CATALYST CoVEs are envisioned to be ‘catalysts’ on national, regional and European level, to ‘enable’ change and to ‘inspire’ the transformation of individuals and SMEs toward more sustainable systems and societies. 

The need for the CATALYST CoVEs arises from the need to qualify students and professionals and support SMEs to embrace sustainability challenges and contribute to a greener and circular European economy. The establishment of the CATALYST CoVEs empowers strategic and sustainable cooperation among VET, HEI and enterprises working together. 

The CATALYST CoVEs aim to address the current pressing societal challenges and provide innovative approaches to enabling VET learners (professionals and students) to have high-quality education and get the needed support and inspiration to help SMEs in their business transformation.

CATALYST project is based on two pivotal components – “Enable” and “Inspire” – that are integral to achieving sustainable systems and transforming businesses. Both components are essential for the CATALYST CoVEs that will be established in this project, with strong peer-learning processes, capacity building and improving the human capital in several workshops and coaching sessions.