Learning opportunities

Learning Opportunities for Students and Professionals 

The CATALYST project, “European VET Excellence Centre for Leading Sustainable Systems and Business Transformation,” aims to provide a range of learning opportunities for professionals, students, and SMEs through the “Enable” component. The project seeks to enable the creation of a united CATALYST Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) in five countries, including North Macedonia, Greece, Austria, Germany, and Portugal.

The CATALYST CoVEs are designed to provide support and educational offerings to address personal and organizational development needs. The project seeks to inspire transformation in SMEs by enabling them to rethink and redesign their business models, with the aim of creating sustainable businesses that embrace sustainability from an organizational, social, and economic perspective.

What Will Follow?

The CATALYST project arises from the need to increase the competences of students and professionals and support SMEs to embrace sustainability challenges and contribute to a greener and circular European economy. The “Enable” component plays an essential role in the CATALYST project and its activities will result in a VET Program “Leading Sustainable, Systems and Business Transformation” for EQF levels 4 – 8, consisting of at least 70 courses, among which:

- Personal skills – sustainable lifestyle, solving complex problems, entrepreneurial skills, systemic thinking, communication skills, sustainable leadership;

- Sustainable business skills – CSR 2.0., managing intellectual capital, knowledge management, building sustainable brands, innovation management, collaboration and Teamwork;

- Leading Sustainable Systems – sustainable business models, establishing collaborative-innovative partnerships (CO-IN), contributing to the triple helix, strengthening the eco-innovation system, developing learning organisation.

How to Get Involved?

The Catalyst project is committed to helping organisations and individuals not only understand for themselves the necessity of creating sustainability, but also guiding the learning and development of processes, including communication of the good being done, to support those who are making progress to sustain our world for a better future for us all and learn to share what they are doing to inspire and enable others to do so as well. If you would like to be involved with us in co-creating this solution for ourselves and generations to come, please join our CATALYST Network. 

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