Third Project Meeting: Empowering Excellence in Vocational Education and Training

About the Meeting

The third project meeting of the CATALYST project was held on May 30th in Lisbon. Consortium partners gathered to exchange ideas and insights on critical project management aspects, quality assurance, communication and dissemination strategies, as well as upcoming activities and milestones for the year 2023.

One of the key areas of discussion was project management, where the partners explored strategies to ensure efficient coordination and optimal utilization of resources. By fostering effective teamwork and leveraging each partner's expertise, Project CATALYST aims to streamline operations and maximize outcomes.

Quality assurance was another vital aspect that took center stage during the meeting. The consortium collectively prioritized maintaining high standards across all project deliverables. Peer review and self-assessments were undertaken to identify areas of improvement and devise plans to elevate the quality of project outcomes.

Recognizing the importance of effective communication, the partners brainstormed innovative approaches to disseminate project progress, insights, and achievements. By employing various communication channels, Project CATALYST intends to engage stakeholders and the wider community, fostering a sense of transparency and inclusivity.

The meeting also served as an opportunity to set the course for activities and milestones in 2023, outlining key activities and significant milestones, providing a clear direction for the project's progress.

The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by the consortium partners during the Lisbon meeting were truly inspiring..
Stay tuned for further updates on the remarkable journey of Project CATALYST.

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