Is sustainability one of your core values, and if so, how are you spreading these ideas to others?

In the past, businesses were measured by very tangible means, such as premises, products, and profit. But today, many intangible factors play a much bigger role. As Rezgo states, “Core values drive every major decision your company makes, whether you’re aware of it or not”. When weighing all the factors that go into a decision, we consciously or subconsciously assign higher weights to things that fit our core values. If sustainability is one of your core values, you’re in good company. Businesses around the world have embraced the environmental and financial benefits sustainable practices bring. Companies as large as Apple, Coca-Cola and IKEA have gone leaps and bounds beyond what any government regulations require — not only because it’s best for the planet, but because it’s necessary for their bottom line. Companies are finding that the only financially responsible move is to get away from using non-renewables and unsustainable business practices.

Sustainability Values into Action

Here are four ways you can start to put your sustainability values into action: 

  1. Office operations, by e.g. saving paper and energy resources, and complying with best labour practices. 
  2. Product development, by integrating sustainability principles in the selection process of providers. 
  3. Working with providers, by supporting and motivating existing partners towards sustainability with, for example, training, information, and incentives. 
  4. Customer relations, by creating awareness and responsible choices through information and codes of conduct, for example.

Once you’ve decided what values your company believes in most, the next important step is communicating these to all your stakeholders. A company that has always been a leader in talking about their values, not only their products, is Ben & Jerry’s.  

“Ben & Jerry’s has transformed its business to support its core value of “linked prosperity” at all levels, from its choice of providers to its philanthropic efforts. The company communicates its values constantly: in its marketing, in annual environmental reports, in its business practices as a B Corp, and its social outreach. Because it takes on this authentic … effort, consumers embrace the messaging. And for Ben & Jerry’s, that messaging is part of the work, too. By inviting customers to be part of their efforts, they encourage customers toward similar types of activism in a way that a quiet sustainability plan couldn’t achieve.”

If you watch this video, you’ll get some great insights into how Ben & Jerry’s is reaching out to share their social mission:

The Catalyst project is committed to helping organisations and individuals not only understand for themselves the necessity of creating sustainability, but also guiding the learning and development of processes, including communication of the good being done, to support those who are making progress to sustain our world for a better future for us all and learn to share what they are doing to inspire and enable others to do so as well.

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Rhonda Bowen
Owner and Founder

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Source: Rezgo