Sustainability Competences as the Кey to Transformation – Event in Skopje

CATALYST Networking Event in Skopje, 20th February 2024

On February 20, stakeholders met at the Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy premises for a networking event titled "Sustainability Competencies as a Key for Business Transformation." This event provided a platform for discussions on pivotal topics such as the Catalyst Project's progress, the establishment of the Centre for Vocational Excellence in Sustainable Systems and Business Transformation, and the collaborative opportunities presented by the CATALYST network.

Progress in the Catalyst Project

The event showcased significant strides made within the Catalyst Project. Attendees were briefed on the project's advancements, underscoring its role as a catalyst for driving sustainable business practices. From innovative methodologies to practical applications, the project exemplifies a commitment to fostering sustainability across various sectors.

Establishment of the Centre for Excellence

A highlight of the event was the presentation of the Centre for Vocational Excellence in Sustainable Systems and Business Transformation. By providing a Centre for education and collaboration, the Centre promises to cultivate a new generation of professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to enact meaningful change.

Opportunities for Education and Collaboration

Amidst discussions, emphasis was placed on the different opportunities offered by the Centre of Vocational Excellence through the CATALYST network. Attendees gained insights into the collaborative endeavors that lie ahead, emphasizing the importance of partnerships between educational and business entities. Through this network, stakeholders can leverage the CO-IN© model to co-create usable knowledge, paving the way for transformative solutions.

Networking Opportunities

At the end of the event a networking session took place for the diverse stakeholders invested in sustainability and business transformation. By fostering dialogue, sharing insights, and unveiling initiatives such as the Catalyst Project and the Centre for Vocational Excellence, attendees were empowered to drive meaningful change within their respective domains. As we continue on this journey towards a more sustainable future, events like these provide invaluable opportunities to collaborate, innovate, and inspire action.

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