Sustainability Competences as the Кey to Transformation – Event in Berlin

CATALYST Networking Event in Berlin, 6th February 2024

Sustainability competences across the organisation are the key to a successful transformation. How does the CATALYST project support the anchoring of these competences in SMEs? The German CATALYST CoVE - the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP), Bells solutions and the Bundesverband für Nachhaltige Wirtschaft (BNW) - organised a networking event on this question and gathered in total about 80 key stakeholders, both online and on site in Berlin.

Sustainability Competences: Why, What and How?

The event officially kicked off with a keynote speech by Dr. Katharina Reuter, BNW CEO and sustainability expert. She outlined how sustainable transformation is becoming a driver of jobs and presented the so-called “triad of green skills”. For a successful transformation, it is not only knowledge (what?) and transferable skills (how?) that are needed. Even more important is the corresponding mindset within a company and the intrinsic motivation of its employees (why?). The latter requires a positive inner attitude. What counts is not the fact of being able to change something, but the will to do so.

Enable and Inspire to Fill the Skills Gap

The EU project CATALYST takes exactly this triad of green skills into account. In her project presentation, Victoria Funk, senior project manager at the CSCP, introduced a first insight into the holistic educational course offer with more than 70 courses as well as a broad portfolio of resources and services. She showed that in addition, CATALYST serves as an international network of businesses, education and science. CATALYST thus goes far beyond the mere transfer of knowledge and creates targeted opportunities to move from knowledge to action - be it through pilot projects or support in building partnerships.

Further Training as Need for Businesses

The following panel discussion with representatives from educational and business representatives stressed the importance of further training for the transformation towards sustainability: all representatives from Wildling shoes, Ökofrost, On Purpose and frizzforum presented good practice examples from their organisations, underlined that practice-oriented learning opportunities are needed in everyday life and once again agreed that the intrinsic motivation of employees - the personal level to empower professionals - is crucial for a successful transformation. This can be increased by inspiring companies with a clear purpose, which they approach with credibility and authenticity.

Diverse Learning and Networking Opportunities

After the fruitful discussions and insights, the event was rounded off with further networking opportunities: other VET initiatives like SEED17, frizzforum and XU sustainable presented their expertise, while the CATALYST team offered an in-depth exchange on networking opportunities and potential business partnerships. This showed the great diversity of further education approaches and enabled mutual learning opportunities for all participants. Definitely an event full of inspirations and a starting point for future CATALYST connections.

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