Sustainability, Communication, Stakeholders: How to Produce a Winning Combination

If someone asked you about sustainability, communication and stakeholders in your business, you could certainly explain each of them very easily. The question that presents itself more often nowadays is how do you communicate about sustainability in your business to your stakeholders, both internal and external? Finding the right formula for this may not be as straightforward as each aspect individually.  

Based on the premise first be, then do, then have, let’s look at five critical steps you can take to find your winning combination of these three aspects.  

Three of the five steps deal with what your business needs to be: transparent, innovative, positive. What you need to do is form strategic alliances and partnerships. The aspect to have is a strong brand agenda.  


In the current wave of environmentalism, transparency is even more significant, with more consumers communicating with brands who are transparent and authentic. Making smaller changes and communicating these transparently and effectively can boost trust and engagement with a brand.” 


Engaging in sustainability and finding a way to communicate it to your stakeholders is key to helping futureproof your business and positioning you as a sustainable power within your industry.” 


“While it is important to communicate the stark truths of climate change and sustainability, inspiring change is more easily done through positivity. Research involving 2000 participants revealed that 60% admitted to being eco-shamed for their choices, ultimately making them reluctant to change. Businesses attempting to drive sustainable changes can use this opportunity to encourage and motivate employees and other individuals rather than dictate and shame.” 

As crucial as mindset and attitude are, what a business does to prove their commitment to sustainability is even more important. Regardless of individual efforts of any one business or organization, as the African saying imparts, if you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together.  

Form Strategic Partnerships and Alliances 

“Partnerships can help facilitate reciprocated learning, which can be communicated to show sustainable efforts. Innovation, and more importantly sustainability, can be helped through alliances, with access to better knowledge, networks and capabilities.” 

Once a business has transparency, innovation and positivity, and has found others who possess these as well, the final step reveals how to deliver these assets to internal and external stakeholders. For this, a strong brand agenda takes the ideas and aspirations of a business and expresses them to the rest of the world.  

Strong Brand Agenda

“Communicating your brand agenda is paramount in building trust through transparency, by reinforcing the mission of your business. Modern companies with a reputation for environmental stewardship have more of an opportunity to build a stronger brand with a modern consumer base.” 

Which of these five aspects are your strengths? Do you recognize any of them that you could improve? The support you need can be found in the European Centre of Vocational Excellence called Catalyst. Reach out to us via our website:  

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Rhonda Bowen
Owner and Founder

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