Strategy of the CATALYST CoVE

The CATALYST project aims to establish united Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) in five European countries to support and inspire SMEs in re-thinking and re-designing their business models for sustainability. The project focuses on up-skilling professionals and students and implementing VET trainings and joint research projects in selected sectors.

CATALYST partners utilized a combination of online and offline workshops, along with the use of the MIRO Board for collaboration, to develop a comprehensive strategy for the CATALYST CoVEs initiative. These workshops addressed various aspects such as defining vision and goals, evaluating partners’ expertise, outlining service offerings, and discussing operational procedures.

The European CATALYST CoVE is envisioned as a central hub and catalyst for sustainable business transformation in Europe. It serves as the foundation for a collaborative business community focused on driving sustainable, resilient, and equitable outcomes. National CoVEs, tailored to local contexts, extend this vision, adapting offerings to meet specific regional needs and target groups. The initiative is guided by four core values: competence, collaboration, caring, and
commitment, which underpin its mission to equip organisations and individuals with the knowledge and skills for lasting sustainable change.

The CATALYST CoVEs have set forth three long-term goals to drive sustainable transformation in the business world. These goals include providing support for professionals and students in personal and organisational development, encouraging SMEs to embrace sustainability in their business models, and playing an advisory role in policy creation. In the short term, the CoVEs aim to offer high-quality knowledge and skills, relevant and applicable for professionals, SMEs, and students, as well as to facilitate collaboration between key stakeholders through the CATALYST Network to enhance the visibility of upskilling best practices.

The CATALYST CoVEs aim to impact three main sectors: business (with a focus on SMEs, professionals, and startups), teachers, students and educational institutions, and government agencies and public authorities. By providing sustainability knowledge and skills, CATALYST CoVEs seek to catalyse positive change in business, empower future leaders through education, and equip government officials with a deeper understanding of environmental and social issues. This inclusive strategy is further refined on a national level within specialised Centres of Vocational Excellence to address specific industry needs on national level.

Read the document here: Strategy of the CATALYST Centre of Vocational Excellence 

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