Skills Gap Assessment Questionnaire for Professionals & SMEs

About the Analysis

This Skills Gap Assessment Questionnaire (SGAQ) is designed to capture and analyse your needs in terms of sustainability and management. The overall purpose of this assessment is to establish a dialogue between SMEs, VET (Vocational Education and Training) providers and public institutions by mobilising the relevant stakeholders.

The link to the survey is available here.

How Will the Project Support SMEs to Transform?

This analysis would act as a foundation for conceptualising and positioning the CATLYST CoVEs, and will provide a determinant bridge between SMEs and VET providers, supported by our partners.

This analysis will be supported by interviews and a National round table, where stakeholders can exchange their best practices, experiences, challenges and solutions about the management and sustainability of SMEs.

Aim of the project CATALYST

The aim of the project CATALYST is to provide Vocational Education and Training (VET) learners with the right skills to integrate sustainably into their work and take advantage of new technologies. At the same time, cross-sector and trans-disciplinary partnerships will be encouraged in order to boost mutual learning and best practice exchange. Through these “enable and inspire” components the project partners expect to lead sustainable systems and business transformation all over Europe.

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