Green Skills and Emerging Professions

New Normal, Globalisation, Glocalisation

Businesses are moving towards globalisation, but in order to be competitive in other markets, they will also need to provide a level of adaptation based on local regulations and take advantage of local cooperation and support of local communities and show social responsibility. "Glocalisation" refers to a product or service that has been developed to meet the local and global needs of its target customers. A type of business that is globally distributed but adapted to meet local needs as well.

Digital Transformation

Small and medium companies that will be digitalised in time will be able to operate locally competitively and efficiently and become part of the new normal of globalisation and sharing economy. Digital transformation is happening today - innovative ICT companies are internationalising very easily and quickly, the classic financial institutions are under pressure from bitcoin-based blockchain technology that provides a much more secure payment method with much lower administrative costs than banking products.

Green Transformation

Small and medium enterprises with green transformation plans that practice green organisational management, green social responsibility, and use renewable energy sources to produce electricity for their own needs will adapt more quickly to the new normal of globalisation, sharing economy, and their products and services will faster become global competitors. Companies already care much more about saving and efficient use of energy and resources, they have greater green awareness and obligations that will protect the environment - they already need energy managers, green officers, and other professions that didn't exist before.

Green Skills and Emerging Professions

Digitalisation and the green transition will create globally competitive companies with recognisable qualifications and capabilities. Companies need new knowledge that supports these processes for establishing green standards for reduced energy consumption and better management of natural resources.
The green skills of workers will create emerging professions that will support the green transformation of companies and enable them to compete in the new normal economy.
At the same time, green skills will have an impact beyond companies to advance practices in communities to improve the environment, address climate change, and reduce the impacts of human infrastructure development on natural resources.

Edvard Sofeski
Project Manager
Small Business Chamber

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