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CATALYST Prospectus Magazine, Leading Sustainable Systems and Business Transformation

CATALYST Prospectus Magazine is a proud initiative of the European CATALYST Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE), envisioned as a central hub and catalyst for sustainable business transformation in Europe. Serving as the foundation for a collaborative business community, our goal is to inspire and enable businesses to operate sustainably.

CATALYST Prospectus Magazine is a biannual open access online magazine offering practitioner perspective on the topics of sustainability and management free of charge. The goal of the magazine is support business transformation by providing helpful information, a space to share best practices, inspiration, and guidance. Each issue will have the following elements:

  • Perspectives: Insights into ideas that are essential for Leading Business Sustainability and VET Excellence Centres Vocational Training
  • Resources: Practical ideas and insights from other platforms for assistance
  • Opportunities: Calls for networking activities or other internal and external possibilities
  • Showcase: Section to mention outstanding achievements
  • Partnerships: Section to introduce ourselves and other partners
  • Excellence: Section to highlight any best practices or innovations
  • Community: Section to emphasise and present community opportunities
  • Transformation: Section to show methodologies and/or how-to content
  • Updates: Events of the network both those open to the public and those for members only
  • Society: The impact of what CATALYST does on society at large, including SDGs, good practices, and community initiatives.

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